Damage Control by Evolve | Amino Acid | BCAA

With Damage Control, you have an advanced amino acid blend to help your body stay anabolic, allowing for increased muscle recovery and growth!

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Boost lean muscle growth while you recover faster!

We're all aware of the importance of intra-workout maintenance, yet many of us still choose to neglect it. With Damage Control from Evolve, there's no excuse. Now available from 24 Hour Nutrition, this product is a blend of branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine). Adopting an advanced 4:1:1 ratio, Damage Control sets out to eradicate catabolism post-workout to help maintain the hard-earned gains. What's great about this product is that no fillers or sugars have been used to make up the numbers. With purity in mind, Evolve have created the perfect drink to sip on throughout your day or throughout your workout!

Key Factors

  • Advanced 4:1:1 ratio
  • L-Citrulline for improved blood flow
  • Prolongs muscular endurance
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Our Thoughts

While it may be second nature to some, many do not realise the multitude of supplements available for your intra-workout. 24 Hour Nutrition aims to bring you those products, with Damage Control being one of our personal favourites. This product helps prevent that dreaded muscle breakdown which can hurt our gains – with the added L-Citrulline content delivering essential nutrients more effectively. Remember, this can be consumed at any time during the day!
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