Nightmare by Insane Labz | Sleep Formula

Forget the name - this could be one of the best nights sleep you've ever had! Wake up feeling invigorated and refreshed, even after a heavy workout!
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Insane Labz present their latest sleep formula, Nightmare!

Wake up feeling amazing after a night using 'Nightmare' by Insane Labz. This deep sleep formula encourages your body to fall into the deepest 'REM' sleep cycle where muscle repair and recovery takes place. This can help you to gain muscle over time as well as ensuring that your body is in peak condition! The formula is also shown to have calming effects so if you've worked out before bed, it's a great product to help you relax and kickstart your recovery! You'll spring out of bed ready to go again the next morning!

Key Factors

  • Encourages more REM sleep
  • Increased muscle recovery
  • Wake up bursting with energy
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Our Thoughts

There are so many obstacles to sleep in the modern world - electronic devices, working late or restlessness can all lead to lesser quality sleep and therefore, a struggling mind and body. Nightmare helps to combat this with a relaxing formula that calms your mind and encourages REM sleep to enhance muscle repair. However, it doesn't leave you waking up feeling sluggish like a regular sleeping pill - we sprung up feeling completely refreshed after testing it out! It's a thumbs up from the 24 Hour Nutrition team!
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