What is 100% MCT Oil and who makes it?


100% MCT Oil by Melrose is an oil formulated with coconut derived MCT’s designed to be absorbed and converted into ketones in the liver. Essential for peak performance, Ketones allow you to fuel you brain and body to maximise full physical and mental performance.

Why should I take 100% MCT Oil?

  • You want to improve overall physical performance
  • You are trying to lose weight
  • You are keen to increase energy
  • You are chasing a keto-friendly MCT oil


24 Tell All - Does it work?

The team here at 24 Hour Nutrition could not recommend Melrose products any higher. 100% MCT Oil by Melrose is an excellent addition to any fitness regime to ensure ultimate physical and mental performance as well as weight loss. Do yourself a favour and get yours today with 24 Hour Nutrition.


Alright, I'm sold - Where can I get it?

When you buy 100% MCT Oil Isolate from 24 Hour Nutrition, not only are you getting a top of the market product for the lowest price, but you are also getting huge value for your money! With SAME DAY DISPATCH, AFTER PAY™ and SECURE PAYMENT PROCESSING, you know you are in good hands when you shop with us. So what are you waiting for! Shop with 24 today and experience the difference.