What is War Tropin V3 by Body War Nutrition?

Body War Nutrition

BodyWar Nutrition has developed War Tropin to not only induce deep R.E.M sleep but also help your body boost its natural HGH levels. War Tropin may also help with muscle building and repair, increased strength, fat burning and general well-being. War Tropin works off the backing of scientific evidence suggesting sleep is a key factor in muscular growth and this is something that many people often neglect, its not only the amount of work you put into the gym but also the recovery and sleep you give your body to build the muscle.

Why should I use War Tropin V3 by Body War Nutrition?

  • Increase GH Levels
  • Fast Recovery
  • Enhanced R.E.M Sleep
  • Fat Burning


24 Tell All - How does it work?

R.E.M sleep is a deep state of sleep in which human growth hormone is released and it goes without saying that greater R.E.M sleep provides a greater chance of muscular growth! War Tropin's formula contains key ingredients that encourage a deeper and more restful sleep. As well as your gains, this formula can help reduce stress and anxiety which can also catabolise your progress if left unattended! The 24 Hour team is all about getting the best rest and recovery to increase muscle gains, and with War Tropin you can rest easy knowing your getting the best sleep available.


Alright, I'm sold - Where can I get it?

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