Silencer by Redcon 1 | Thermogenic Capsules

Silencer by the Redcon1 crew is a premium quality non-stimulant fat burner that helps to prevent unnecessary fat absorption!
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Redcon1's number one non-stimulant fat burner!

Are you finding yourself hitting consistent plateaus in your weight loss journey and can't seem to push yourself any further? Let Silencer by Redcon1 put those fears to rest. Now proudly held at 24 Hour Nutrition, Silencer is a non-stimulant fat burning powder that doesn't rely on a thermogenic effect to get the job done. The key stim-free ingredient contained in Silencer is 3,5-diiodo-L-Thyronine (or T2 in layman's terms). This ingredient, once consumed, is converted to T3 within the body which has been well documented to cut through fat stores!

Key Factors

  • Completely free of stimulants
  • Slice through body fat
  • Helps to prevent further fat absorption
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Our Thoughts

A huge determining factor of success in the weight loss supplement industry is how applicable the product is to the masses. 24 Hour Nutrition has reason to believe Silencer rates highly in this regard. Redcon1 have really outdone themsleves with this one, providing a non-stim option to those that are either sensitive to stim-based products or simply prefer stim-free ingredients! Remember, you don't HAVE to rely on stimulants to reach fitness utopia! Silence the doubt with Silencer!
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